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During times of urgency, the first thing that comes to one's mind is to surrender the life insurance policy that has accumulated cash

Is surrendering the insurance policy the only way to get cash?


Technically, only an insurance company can sell an insurance policy to anyone. However once the policy is sold to an individual or a corporate, the policy is owned by a policyholder. The policyholder is free to assign the policy to anyone else.
AssureAsia.com offers you this option to assign your policy in the open market for a potentially higher price than the surrender value, it could be a hundred to a thousand dollars more. (Only applicable for traditional insurance policies.)

AssureAsia.com allows anyone to seek online offers for their existing policy.

How to "sell" your policy on AssureAsia.com?

Follow the five easy steps below.

Register an account with AssureAsia.com

Key in your policy details in the Policy Manager.
In fact policy manager also helps you to keep track of all your life insurance policies.

When you are ready to sell your policy, upload your policy details and provide the information/documents requested.

Once all information are in place with AssureAsia.com, we will review the document and if eligible, your policy will be online on the Exchange for third parties to view. If further information is needed from you,we will request them from you.

Only registered users will be able to message. If anyone is interested, they will send you a message. You can start to negotiate. Once you agree on the price and accept the offer, the buyer and yourself will arrange to meet at the insurance company to execute the relevant assignment papers. Importanly, make sure you verify that the buyer has prepared a cashier order in your name or cash as the payment before you sign any document.




1. Firstly, you are able to potentially get higher yields compared to cash and fixed deposit.
2. You have a shorter waiting time for maturity compared to a new incepted policy.

Previousily consumers have to go to a broker to buy pre-owned policies. Now you can do so at AssureAsia.com

AssureAsia.com is the only place you can be see listing of pre-owned policies.
How to buy a preowned policy on AssureAsia.com?

Follow the four easy steps below.

Register an account with AssureAsia.com

Look at the Exchange for the listing of the policies available. Find a policy which is suitable for your budget and contact the seller.

Send the seller a message that you are keen to take over the policy and negotiate a price and arrange to meet at the insurance company

Verify the policy's cash value and buy a cashier order in the amount of the agreed amount. Meet up at insurance company and verify the type of policy and the cash value of the policy. If everything is alright, the seller and buyer sign the assignment form

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